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What Services do a Full Service Locksmith Provide?

So you need a new key made for your front door, you look up a local locksmith and head over to their store to have it done. Sure making keys is one thing any locksmith can do, and most will offer services like unlocking car doors and installing new locks. But if you're looking for a locksmith to cover your home, office and automobile you need a full service locksmith. They will provide an array of services that will keep your residence, office and car safe.

Residential Locksmith Services

A full service locksmith will be able to do much more than just get your front door open. They should be able to install new locks on all doors, including sliding glass door locks, install deadbolts and repair or replace damaged locks. However they should also be able to install replacement window and mirror glass, service fire safes, gun safes and mailbox locks. If there is a lock in your home that needs service, a good locksmith will be able to repair it or install a new one, including on your mailbox!

Commercial Locksmith Services

For locksmith that provides commercial services is a great asset to any business. If you experience a break-in or just want up heighten your security, speaking with a full service locksmith about your options is a great place to start. They should be able to replace locks and set up a master key system, install a keyless entry or access control system, service or repair desk and file cabinet locks and install window and glass door locks.

Automobile Locksmith Services

If you happened to lock your keys in your car you will need mobile locksmith service to retrieve them. A professional locksmith should also provide many auto services, such as door openings, replace lost keys or remake broken keys. They should also be able to conduct ignition repair or replacement and create keys for all your vehicles, including semi trucks, boats and RVs, as well as specialized keys like laser keys and program keys.

When you need locksmith service make sure you get it from someone who can help you in any situation. To contact a professional, full service locksmith in Reno call Reno Sparks Lock and Glass. We can help you with any lockout situation, install new lock systems at your home or office and replace lost or damaged keys. Call Reno Sparks Lock and Glass today at (775) 525-5712 for all your locksmith needs in Reno, Sparks, Carson City and the surrounding area.

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